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GETbizz platform is developed by One to One a company that was born in 1998 focused in relationship marketing, with more than 25 years improving marketing effectiveness. Getbizz goal is to empower brands through customer’s loyalty, simplifying marketing personalized  communications. Discover One to One path, services and history.

One to One path 

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Launch of GETbizz 2.0

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One to One created, developed and maintained GETbizz. Won the first clients who remain faithful until today. After a few years, One to One began, in parallel, a new concept for a new and more modern platform capable of leveraging his business – GETbizz 2.0. And get to develop it!

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During this period One to One integrated the Havas Media Group and launched its first technology platform – GET member get member

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One to One was established in 1998 as an agency focused on Relationship Marketing. With the advent of the internet began to merge its business with digital

One to One offers

GETbizz is the company’s flagship product and getting the best out of it also requires the right marketing strategies for your business needs. That’s why One to One offers helpdesk assistance and marketing consulting services. We can help with campaign creation and building models for an effective communication strategy.

Our history through this pattern of brands

Split tests

Case Study MultiOpticas – Retail and Ecommerce

For over ten years, MultiOpticas and One to One have been working together. GETbizz has been receiving daily orders and customers’ data from MultiOpticas. With clean and updated data, MultiOpticas has succeeded in activating the customers’ journey with the blast, lifecycle, and 1by1 campaigns.

Million of customers

Million euros in sales

Sales boost with GETbizz

Linked stores to GETbizz (online & offline)

Channels (Email, SMS, Push, Direct mail)

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Pre built templates

+12% traffic with sales in stores with 1by1 campaigns

+35% frequency of communication

+2 Million  sales/year with lifecycle campaigns.

-30% of costs for sending emails and SMS

At least -30 minutes to set-up per channel/campaign