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Activate Client Journey

Suitable for B2B companies, GETbizz stimulates the sales funnel process by triggering an extra layer of relationships – additional customer service, sales teams, or contact centers. All by activating your clients’ journey with ultra-personalized communications.

Pre built templates

GETbizz for B2B is suitable for different types of business

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Consulting services

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In an increasingly sophisticated supply-side market, getting that moment of attention that will determine the transition to a new step in the lead’s journey is the goal of communication. And only by doing it several times will the results come out! Each brand has its DNA, and GETbizz follows that DNA from each profile.

Two side ROI

Digital platforms

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Digital platforms companies have an even greater need to approach their customers regularly. With GETbizz they will not miss the account manager, who is almost always present in most traditional businesses. GETbizz launched the lifecycles and 1by1 campaigns easily.

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Industrial equipment

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Whether in a large or small industrial unit, GETbizz will help you build relationships with your customers, nurture leads, and of course, generate new business. Capture data from multiple touchpoints, and GETbizz does the rest of the work!

Hotel intelligence

B2B Intelligence 

Treat clients’ data and activate it

In B2B organizations, too often, priority is given to winning customers when portfolio clients may become the next big client! GETbizz is ready for your communication challenges: handling data in a business-specific and industry-friendly model will allow you to ultra-personalize communication and be much more relevant to your clients. By tailoring all the tools that other industries already use with GETbizz, your business will always be ahead!

Business Intelligence insights make GETbizz one of your best profit-drivers

GETbizz is integrated with Microsoft Power BI to empower everyone in your company with data-driven decisions. Our primary goal is normalized and unified data for full integration of resources improving marketing performance. With GETbizz BI dashboards, you can up-level your business to the next digital era – quality data for machine learning models to leverage your business!

Key business metrics in dashboards

Business metrics in dashboards

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With key performance indicators presented to you through intuitive dashboards, you can easily make effective data-driven decisions. Tracking your sales, evaluating your marketing efforts, and gauging your overall company performance, will prevent you from wasting significant resources on unnecessary measures and be assertive on those that matter.

Download reports

Download detailed reports

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You can download detailed dashboards and valuable reports to show in presentations. Have an accurate perception of your overall performance and the performance of each of your company branches. Combined with a complete view of your customers’ behaviors, it allows you to see which branch has more success and those that require additional plans and actions.

Streamline your resources with Marketing Process Optimization

GETbizz automates many processes, with the added benefit of accuracy and reliability. We have mapped the workflow of many customer relationship marketing processes, developed them, thoroughly reviewed them, and tracked them. And whenever necessary to evolve, we reevaluate and improve them. GETbizz’s B2B know-how enables you to highlight innovation and give you solid foundations for long-term sustainability.

Marketing Process Optimization

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