Data Security: the essentials for all businesses

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Data security in omnichannel marketing and CRM platforms
Table of Contents

1 – What is personal data security?

2 – 3 questions you should know how to answer about personal data security

3 – GETbizz platform ensures security and reliability for its clients

Your company will have greater longevity if you are ensuring personal data security! As companies go on board with digital transformation, there is a significant need for data security. The customer information that your company handles, creates, collects, stores, transforms, and analyzes is a valuable asset. And protecting this asset you are also protecting your company’s reputation and its financial health.

What is personal data security?

Personal data security is the practice and technological procedure for protecting data. This process includes the protection, during the data life cycle, against illegal access, accidents and its corruption. It’s essential to decrease the risk that comes with storing any data.

In Europe, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the law that assures EU citizens the security of their personal data. Some examples of personal data are names, citizen cards, social security numbers, date of birth, emails, IP addresses, phone numbers, etc.

3 questions you should know how to answer about personal data security

1. Where is your sensitive data located? If you don’t know where this data is stored, you cannot protect it.

2. Who can access your data? Your company needs to know, at all times, who has access to the data. Otherwise, you are running the risk of data being abused, misused, or even stolen.

3. Are you able to monitor your data? Continuous monitoring stands crucial to your company to ensure compliance with data regulations. It’s also valuable to detect unusual and suspicious data activities.

GETbizz platform ensures security and reliability for its clients

Committing with your marketing database to GETbizz is to ensure that only those who want you to see can see it! Setting up and sending a campaign on GETbizz does not involve data handling. Also, daily, if you need to download customer files from GETbizz, you can do it. However, to minimize the disclosure of unnecessary data and ensure the data protection law, the file will not contain sensitive data. If you want data files with sensitive data, the GETbizz platform requires that you have special permission.

System robustness and hosting

Sleep with no worries with GETbizz managing your marketing database because your data will be entering into a safe space. The database maintains all its consistency, identity, and confidentiality, and a set of highly secure systems stored it.  

Plus, by benefiting from the GETbizz hybrid system, its advanced data processing, and quality systems, your customers’ personal data (which are the most sensitive data) can be hosted with One to One (GETbizz developer) or by your company. Either way, your brand’s marketing data will never be shared or used for any purpose other than your GETbizz.

Because we give maximum value to your marketing information, we create and develop a robust system where you can have all the confidence. But it’s not just the architecture of the data model or the robustness of GETbizz technology that gives you data security. The login system adds reliability and security since its hierarchy of access limits the scope of action and navigation in GETbizz. In retail, for example, store access is limited to what marketing defines. And always taking into account personal data security!

Beyond personal data security

After this, you can still manage and launch campaigns as well as automatically integrate all this information into your database.

Besides, by being able to target directly from the marketing database, the GETbizz user has total freedom to personalize communications. Some examples consist of socio-demographic data, behavioral data, date of the last sale, last product or category purchased, and recent promotion the customer joined. Indeed, if the database allows, your brand can use any data as a criterion for personalization, from the customer journey to clusters.

GETbizz platform allows you to send ultra-personalized, targeted, and appropriate communications to your customers, with absolute confidence! So, self-service and ease-of-use without any specific training.

Table of Contents

1 – What is personal data security?

2 – 3 questions you should know how to answer about personal data security

3 – GETbizz platform ensures security and reliability for its clients

An innovative SaaS platform

Boost your brand’s profitability and foster your customers’ loyalty through their journey activation. Plus, GETbizz’s key power is making personalization your most valuable asset, streamlining the communication experience. Know more

GETbizz is the solution you are looking for!

GETbizz is a SaaS solution where you can get automated data processing for a high-quality database – easy and safe for your company! Moreover, GETbizz is readily optimized to you with fitting strategies for attracting customers through omnichannel campaigns (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Direct Mail).

Get ready for an attractive return and fantastic customers’ engaging opportunities!

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