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GETbizz is integrated with Power BI and automates countless BI processes with accuracy and reliability. They all exist to cut your operational marketing costs, increase revenue opportunities, and deliver critical business metrics to help you with better and faster decision-making.

Hospitality campaigns

Improve your results through business intelligence

BI at your hand

Reports for all events and cases!

Do you want the ROI of the campaign you sent yesterday? Don’t worry. GETbizz is already counting the purchases done by your target! Just check the campaigns’ report. Or, are you under pressure to do a presentation about the monthly results? Don’t worry. Just start preparing your presentation and go to GETbizz Reports. There you’ll find the standard reports and your customized KPIs.

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Update customer profile

Up-to-date customer profile

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Several situations happen daily, like loyal customers who visit us once again or new customers that come to know us… and GETbizz presents you a profile of your customers for fast but well-founded decisions.

Track sent campaigns

Quick track of sent campaigns

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GETbizz gives you the ROI automatically, immediately, and super reliable, as it’s based on the sales generated by the target campaign. Plus, GETbizz offers you a Forecasted ROI based on your customers’ pre-orders, budgets or estimates

More than campaign reports

More than campaign reports

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Access to campaign reports and database reports. With database reports, GETbizz gives you an executive summary (for your boss) or a deep dive with several indicators for an accurate evaluation of your business. From one end to the other!

Keep up with your business through reports to understand your customers’ behaviors

Pre built templates

Campaign Reports

More than the navigation tracking

You can consult your campaigns’ ROI in real-time so that you can act at the moment. Navigational analytics (tracking of sendings) and ROI metering in the blast, lifecycle, or 1by1 campaigns, is what you’ll be able to see when looking at the GETbizz Campaigns Reports.

Split tests

Database Reports

Analyze and segment your data

GETbizz standard dashboards include a set of indicators to evaluate your database, campaigns, and business. But if these are not enough, we can customize reports tailored to your company and your work model. This way, you can analyze and segment the data generated by your organization more efficiently. GETbizz is prepared for different needs of information to coexist in one brand.

Check-out our business intelligence features highlights

Single reports

Strategic dashboard

A glance view of business and customers indicators

Comparative reports

Analytical dashboard

Business and campaigns data evolution in more detail

Aggregate reports

Campaigns statistics

All single statistics for each campaign by channel

Reports alert

Customized Power BI

At any time, we can customize other KPIs by making unique dashboards

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