Centralize your customers’ data to boost personalization

Data is the engine of your business, and GETbizz has automated processes to normalize, clean, validate, correct, and deduplicate your data. Collect data from online and offline sources and, with data integration, build a 360° view of your customers to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Hospitality campaigns

Streamline your customers’ experience through data integration

Data Cleaning

A quality database is a cleaned database

GETbizz has several processes to assign the customers’ gender, validate contacts, deduplicate customers, and normalize data. GETbizz owns a Machine Learning algorithm to detect which customers are duplicated and then automatically combine their data in one unique profile. Reduce your costs and obtain a high deliverability rate. GETbizz cleans your data in a blink!

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Email and phone verification

Email and mobile phone verification

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Email and mobile phone customers’ contacts are automatically verified to set them out as valid, and invalid ones are automatically excluded from communications – just with these, you can save up to more than 30% in expedition costs.

Automatic gender assignment

Automatic gender assignment

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Gender is assigned automatically, allowing you to target appropriately and reduce the current barriers to personalized communications.

Birthdates normalization

Birthdates normalization

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Birthdates are normalized to fit one same format, being all of these dates also usable in automatic birthdays’ campaigns, even if no birth’s year is available.

Marketing Process Optimization

Have the latest updates always at hand!

What customers are you capturing and which are leaving you. With an updated database, create suitable strategies for your business.

Understand your customers with a full view of their touchpoints with your business

Pre built templates

360º Customer view

Unified view of the customer and its behaviors. 

Access sociodemographic data, sales, proposals, campaigns, or communication consents with a click. Everything is available in the customer profile to consult. And you can easily use it to personalize your communications. Leverage the power of personalization to build stronger and lasting relationships with your customers.

Split tests

Ensure GDPR compliant 

Quick view of consents per channel and purpose! 

Customers without communications consents are automatically excluded from your campaigns’ target. Track your customers’ communication consents and be able to maintain contact with whom matters the most.

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Hybrid data hosting

Brand touchpoints' integration

Data centralization

Advanced personalization

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