Activate your customers’ journey with omnichannel campaigns

With omnichannel campaigns, GETbizz ensures interaction mechanisms with the customer, allowing you to improve customers’ loyalty, boost repeated purchases, and lowering the churn rate.

Hospitality campaigns

Multiple communication channels integrated into a single campaign 

Activate customers’ data

Create and send omnichannel campaigns

With GETbizz you can build one campaign with up to four channels – Email, SMS, Push, and Direct Mail- simultaneously. You can define priorities between channels and select a target directly from the updated database.

Forecasted & Sales ROI

Forecasted & Sales ROI

Get the ROI of any campaign in seconds!

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GETbizz gives you the ROI automatically, immediately, and super reliable, as it’s based on the sales generated by the target campaign. Plus, GETbizz can offers you a Forecasted ROI based on your customers’ pre-orders, budgets or estimates.

Direct Targeting

Direct targeting to the database

No to contact lists and excel files!

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With GETbizz you only have to apply filters to identify the perfect target for your campaign. Target from an updated database to avoid leaving clients behind.

Set channel priority

Set channel priorities

Assign priorities across channels

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With GETbizz, it’s easy to assign priorities across channels so that you can spend fewer resources while still reaching your target.

Boost your customers’ journey with a whole world of campaigns at your disposal

Pre built templates

Blast Campaigns

A blast campaign is a one-off campaign.

Building a campaign has never been so fast! With only four steps, you fill in the definitions, choose the communication channels and respective sender, make filters to create the target, create designs for the selected channels; and just send it!

Split tests

Lifecycle Campaigns

GETbizz automatic campaigns

Define the criteria since sales, sociodemographic data, frequency, day and hour to send, or others, and define the channels with their priorities. Next, see your business grow without any additional work!
Pre built templates

1by1 Campaigns

Communication store – customer

Models are configured and controlled by marketing teams; the client service uses these messages to communicate with customers. Automatically signed by the POS, they are beneficial for the customer and can save a lot of time for the sales assistants. In-store, the sales assistant has to identify the client, choose the channel, choose the message… and there it goes!

Enjoy the Drag & Drop Editor  

Check-out our journey activation features highlights

SMS editor by gender

SMS editor by gender

Advanced personalization

Advanced personalization

Target with a control group

Target with a control group

Personalized surveys

Campaign aggregator

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