Taking CRM to the next level

GETbizz is an innovative platform to help you boost your company’s profitability and foster your customers’ loyalty through their journey activation. Think bigger than CDP. With GETbizz CDXP enjoy a fully integrated solution adapted to your business needs.


An advanced platform with a handful of big innovations

Data & channels fusion

We mix marketing data with communication channels for an integrated view of your customers

Data cleaning

Our cleaning and hygienized processes treat and correct your data to optimize your communications’ personalization.

Sales based ROI

ROI is calculated based on sales & in real-time, so you can adjust techniques and content ongoing.

Omnichannel campaigns

Different channels working together offers to your customer a seamless experience.

No communication lists

Instead of lists, which are unproductive, we allow you to do filters directly to your database.



Your most valuable asset

GETbizz offers you a fully integrated solution for the full use of your customers’ data in the campaigns. Offer a valuable omnichannel experience for your customers by activating personalized journeys for each of them.

GETbizz has three main features: Data integration, Journey activation and Business Intelligence

Pre built templates

Data integration

GETbizz CDXP treat and unify data

By enriching your database with all your customer’s touchpoints, GETbizz is put to work with data cleaning processes so that you will be able, with complete confidence, to target your customers more precisely and boost sales.


Journey Activation

Activate customers with campaigns

With four direct and interconnected channels (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Direct Mail), you can engage with your customers through a seamless omnichannel campaign to improve your customers’ loyalty and help them to repeat purchases.

Pre built templates

Business Intelligence

Enjoy Power Bi dashboards

Tracking your sales, evaluating your marketing effort, and gauging your KPIs, will prevent you from wasting significant resources on unnecessary measures and be assertive on those that matter.

Find out the perfect GETbizz solution for your business

To bridge your company needs, GETbizz CDXP provides you special features for each kind of business


More than a platform

With GETbizz you are never working alone

Developed by a company that is specialized in one-to-one marketing, GETbizz is more than a SaaS solution. Behind we have a team of senior marketing professionals to offer you consulting services. We can give you support with marketing strategy, campaigns, email or mobile marketing, and more.

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